We believe in love

Finding the right romantic partner is a science and art. Based on your demands and profound understanding of human nature we help couples to connect and build the long-lasting relationships.

Our goal is to help you to find the best partner for you, with the similar targets, the same outlook on life and one way of thinking. Our exclusive matchmaking service is designed to match you a truly compatible life partner, someone who is not just physically attractive to you but also shares your deepest-held values.

We think that each person deserves love, but sometimes it takes some time to find it. Our main mission is to offer you the qualitative service in search of the partner you need. We are committed on the result only in our work, our task is to create the strong and happy pairs as more as we can.

When you are lost in your love jungle, you need someone who will lead out you. The Matchmaking Agency "I Love You" will help you to find a right way to successful meeting, romantic journey and creating a family.